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Sad Cyclops

Avatar: Crying Statue

Level 7 Emo Kid

“Scene Kid”

There is a sort of Zen in being the lowest rung of the internet intelligence ladder.

I wish you luck in your mentally incapacitated adventure, so you choose to undertake it.

Meanwhile, I will-

-Did I just bump a dead thread?

Maybe I ought to reclbum, myself. God I’m such a piece of ****.

“dear diary,

mood; apathetic.

my life is spiraling deathward. i couldn’t get enough money to go to the blood red romance and suffocate me dry concert.

IT SUCKS, because they play some of my favorite music like stab my heart cuz i love you and rip apart my soul and of course stabby rip stab stab.

and it doesn’t help that i can’t get my hair to do that flip thing either, like that guy from that band could do”

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