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(I realize the last post here was in 2015, but I didn’t see any rules about necroing, and this contest technically never ends…so posting for an invite anyway.)

Hi, I am a new player. I initially had no idea why WeChall would be considered a ****ty Klan, but then I took one look at the WeChall Klan page and was automatically turned off.

That was because of the trashy-looking emote spam (in an attempt to make a nice-looking page?), what was basically a dismissal to new players (so even if I had wanted to, I couldn’t join), and them calling themselves an “elite klan”. I realize they could be non-seriously saying that (like “we’re the most awesome Klan” ) but it wasn’t really exaggerated or funny enough to be a joke. They give off the impression that they actually do feel they are superior to other players and Klans, which even if I was a veteran who didn’t care about some poor page aesthetics, is just not an attitude I want to bumociate myself with.

Compare the WeChall is a ****ty Klan page. Concise and simple with a dose of humor. I do get the feeling this Klan is quite undiscriminating, what with having 5 times more members than WeChall. For now, I’m just starting in this game, I’m not really committed or super-into it yet (And with the lack of recent updates and site activity, I’m not sure I’ll ever be.) so I’m not looking for anything with join requirements or schedule commitments. And I don’t really have much interest in any of the other Klans I checked out.

In summary, why I think this Klan would be a good, noncommittal fit for me: because I also dislike WeChall (based on the little I have seen of them), and because I don’t really have any other Klans I want to join, much less actually qualify to join (my amazing answer to the question “Why do you want to join us?” )

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