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Opinoz Porto-

Avatar: Piggy Bank

Level 24 Permanoob


REFRESH IS A LIE!!! This is what I got when I tried to refresh.

“Sorry, but you’ve entered too many forums today.

You may only enter a forum 4 times a day.

Forumwarz is meant to be played over many days. We want to create an experience that you keep coming back to, so we can surprise you with new features and events.

Psst. Hey you. Yeah, you. Wanna buy some forum visits?

If you are eager to keep playing, you can buy more forum visits and support the development of Forumwarz.

Ideas for wasting away this new-found “free time”

Contribute to the forumbuildr v2.0 BETA and have fun building forums with other players.

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Gamble away all your hard-earned Flezz on sTalk

Go back to school and learn a trade, you lazy ****

Finally move out of your parents’ basement. Seriously, you’re 28 and it’s pathetic

Find someone who’s willing to have sex with you despite your obvious flaws in character and physique

Cry yourself to sleep every night out of loneliness

Down an entire bottle of Flintstones vitamins in a mock suicide attempt

...okay, just stop whining about this gameplay limit, okay? We need to give our servers a break somehow, for ****’s sake. Also, we know your kind. You’d probably play through the entire thing in one stint if you could. Haven’t you ever heard of “delayed gratification”? You should give it a try sometime.


Internet Delay Chat
Have fun playing!
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