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Avatar: 79059 Sat Nov 22 20:42:35 -0500 2008


Level 69 Troll


chammisan Posted:

After watching the entire video, I have many unanswered questions and none of them are about your game.

I would like to know whereupon your beard ends. I see indication that it wraps behind your ears but I cannot confirm this due to lack of evidence and this is wholly disappointing. I would like to know if your facial hair tapers itself off around the ear much like glbumes do or if the majestic, woolly face-brillo just ceases to exist right at the crest of your ear.

I would also like to know why you selected the stemware that you did. And why you opted for a plain, glazed doughnut.

I will base my decisions to fund you upon your answer as these are obviously the most important factors of your project.

Good luck.Log in to see images!

The beard does indeed taper off much along my glbumes line, mostly due to an inability to shave that area well enough. The last time I had removed that hair properly it came with a fair bit of skin and I was unaware of it until I tried to take off my glbumes which had dried to the side of my head with the blood.

You will likely be pleased to know that the plan is to only shave my neck and head while allowing the woolly beard to grow to it’s fullest, at which point it will be braided in 7 spots with colored beads thrown in for funsies.

The stemware was chosen by Cat who was lacking wine glbumes of any sort for our attempt at fanciness but who also didn’t want to pay a whole heck of a lot. Ideally a short stemmed bourbon glbum would have been used but we are cheap.

Plain glazed was the only doughnut I would have cared for at the 7-11 we got it at other than chocolate dipped, and I was simply not in the mood for a dipped chocolate doughnut.

I hope that this answers your questions satisfactorily and that you can now rest well with the newfound knowledge. That or lay awake at night dreaming of the beard to be.

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