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Avatar: 16186 2011-11-01 00:02:40 -0400


Level 69 Camwhore


garrettec1 Posted:

Also, before anyone refers me to it, I already read:

Which states:

Fans gained = (Pwnage Dealt – Damage Taken) / No. of turns


Additionally, if you have used brownie points on a character for a cheat item like the GameDolphin, you will not gain any fans during pwnage of a thread, and all fan-gaining missions will fail.

As far as I know I did not buy cheat items with brownie points. I just got flezz, and used flezz to buy things at stores. Also, I WAS gaining fans, until it recently stopped.

That little green guy by your name means you bought a cheat. Flezz is considered a cheat precisely because of what you used it for. If you were playing “fair”, you’d deal with what the game gives you for flezz like the rest of us had to. The flezz option is even listed in the cheats category (“Illegal Game Enhancements” ) when you buy stuff.

Why? Why the hell did I listen to Amasius. Play dom, he said. Blow **** up, he said. And now I’m answering questions in flamebate. CURSE YOU AMASIUS!

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