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Avatar: Tight Skirt

Level 12 Camwhore

“Leave it to Cleavage”

You want to know what’s ****ing funny?

Watching a bunch of furries tear each other apart on twitter. If you know about tumblr you probably know what to expect. No, I’m not kidding, if you have a twitter make a troll account with some ****ing animal icon and just type furry in the search and add a bunch. Not only will you be disgusted you will be amazed at the pathetic display of human nature!

Lately I have witnessed a bunch of them crying over the words fine upstanding member of society and oriental saying they are offensive because one of their precious furcons put the word “Oriental” in their theme. I mean let’s be serious, it’s 2014, the word fine upstanding member of society is accepted everywhere so I don’t see why the word oriental should offend.

They’ve got their panties in a knot, because them, these furries whom dress up like animals with make up and costumes and pretend to be animals, they are mad at the word oriental because they are worried that people will be running around in kimonos LOL! They think it’s OFFENSIVE that furry weeaboos will take advantage of this word to show what a mbumive fabulous person they are while they are already being mbumive fabulous persons.

The real kicker is, when stuff like this happens all of the transexual fabulous persons and CIS people come out of the woodwork, bolstered by this show of active HOW DARE YOU DO THINGS and start relating this situation to them [because with trannies it’s always about them when it comes to social issues, you mention racism and a tranny will somehow end up talking about their oppression] and if you are secretly watching enough of them you will be endlessly entertained by the verbal molotovs people throw at each other. It’s like a train wreck you can’t stop watching, and then they start getting depressed and crying. You will hear the phrase “Check your privilege” more than anything. Today I witnessed one of them saying they wanted to kill themselves. It was a good morning.

I’m hoping they post pictures of their cut wrists again with a goodbye message.

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