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Avatar: Emo Kid w/ Hoodie

Level 4 Emo Kid

“Emotionally Stable”

Hello. I’m Moonshadow Dark. I’m a shy, sensitive guy from some podunk town full of conformist bumholes and ****ty she-whores. I’m 3,756 years old in Vampire years. My hobbies include sitting in corners with my hoodie up so I don’t have to see the sunlight that burns upon my bleak existence, chewing my fingernails until they bleed so it looks like I just crawled out of my fresh, deep grave and playing Angry Birds on my cell phone because nobody ever calls me because friends are pointless and stupid. My life is an endless pit of disappointed dreams and unsatisfied hopes. My family totally doesn’t get me. My father drinks on special occasions and never beats me, but he totally could if he wanted to. My mother is a neglectful idiot. One time I ask her to pack me a go-gurt for lunch, but she just gave me a regular yogurt. She’s totes evil to me. Even my little sister doesn’t understand my pain. But she has a great collection of mascara, so I totally let her slide. We have a dog named Sunny, but only because my bumhole parents rejected my name, Evanesence McBloodonTheDanceFloor. So unfair. I’ve read all the Twilight books and own the movie on pirated VHS, because Blu Ray is too conforming to everyone else’s standards. I am pansexual, but not like it matters because no one will ever love me because my soul is all dark and junk. I’m so tortured.

That’s all for now. I have to go and practice my suicide notes and go brood for a few hours. Leave me a message if you like. Not that I care. Or you, for that matter. You don’t care. I bet you didn’t even read the thread, did you? You conformist bumhole **** whorepreppy jock sunshine Mchappy-go-****. I hate you. Don’t leave me a reply. You should totally leave a reply.

I hate you.

I love you.

I hate you again.

I hate myself.

I once made out with the family dog because it’s the only creature that showed me any sort of physical love.

**** you.


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