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Avatar: 46971 Thu Oct 16 00:30:33 -0400 2008

Level 69 Permanoob


swine Posted:

Quoting the **** out of this.

And since no one is asking my opinion, it goes like this. Venture Bros and Archer tie for number one on the list I am prattling off concerning things H. Jon has done.

Archer is amazing for quips and one-liners with an enjoyable plot. Venture Bros is amazing for great plots with enjoyable one-liners and references.

Number two is Dr. Katz. Number three is Home Movies. Number 4 is Bobs burgers.

Archer and Venture Bros are better shows but Home Movies and Dr. Katz are better uses of H Jon (by the way calling him just H Jon makes him sound like a cult leader or something). But there are other things he did too. Jon Benjamin Has a Van. Almost every episode of the Demitri Martin Show. H Jon isn’t just a voice – he’s a person!

twas Posted:


But since Bob’s Burgers sucks and prevents H Jon from doing other stuff (other than Archer and a bit of Venture) it is the biggest waste because of the opportunity costs.

That’s just simple Economics twas!

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