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puss mcquack

Avatar: 138241 2011-07-31 00:43:38 -0400

[A Beautiful Place -
Out in the Country

Level 25 Hacker

Rangers F.C

I do not care for this “game” any longer, and like someone who grows tired with life and parts with their belongings, I am giving away anything on this account with “value.” I already gave away all my bp to some rando that will probably never log on to this site again, so I was thinking, if there is any way, I would give all my flez to whomever actually wanted it. The only requirements are that you be the first to tell me how and that you actually want it, for whatever reason. I already tried to give it to raffle, because he/she always gives away ****, but I couldn’t figure it out immediately and I didn’t care to press it further than the two seconds I tried for, so now it’s up for grabs. This site was good for a few laughs, but other than that it really is **** and just a waste of my time, although something, some horrible thing compels me to keep returning to check in, so I doubt this will be the last time I’m here, I just don’t play the game, at all, and I thought someone might enjoy the flezz. Chuck, I’ll save you one and tell myself to “get ****ed” and to “leave this **** site” or whatever you may have to say. So there you go folks, first to respond that both wants the flezz and tells me how to transfer it gets it.

P.S. it’s only 3,933,982

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