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Avatar: Middle Finger Keyboard

Level 12 Troll

“Pain in the ASCII”

I missed a day or two of action, so I had a bunch of forum visits saved up. Because that scat forum was being a little snot, I took a break from it, did a job for Herschel to level up (that forum was a little snot too), then went on an FBO deployment run. After the smoke cleared, I had a ton and a half of .moar files I either couldn’t use or didn’t have a need for.

That’s why there are currently no less than 13 .moars on Kyoubai!’s register with my name on them. They’re being auctioned at Ludicrously Low Prices with (effectively) no reserve because I don’t give a care! Troll, Hacker, Camwhore, Emo, and generic files are present! All early to mid Episode I equipment. Full listing here:

Reporter Stomping Grapes (remix).lstn: Buyout for F525


songs to take a dump to – 03 – push, push, push.noiz: Buyout for F380

\/:?<>.sdoc: Buyout for F550

Celebrities by boob size.dtbs: Buyout for F490

The Suicide Notes – The First Cut Is The Deepest (Sheryl Crow Cover).tune: Buyout for F440

Johnny Labelmate and the TBA Openers – Would You Care to Rock?.lstn: Buyout for F500

Reporter Stomping Grapes (remix).lstn: Buyout for F440 (No clue why I put two on there at different prices)

Conjoined Twins Orgy.gawk: Buyout for F450

britney aguilera – 01 – look at my mammary glands.lstn: Buyout for F360

Usher – May I Help You Find Your Seat, Madame?.noiz: Buyout for F360

I DON’T WANT A WAR – SPEAK THE HUNGARIAN RAPPER.tune: Buyout for F250 (There’s about 5 or 6 more where that came from)

male reproductive organ ENLARGEMENT TUTORIAL – REALLY WORKS.sdoc: Buyout for F250

What are the minimum bids? They’re below the buyout prices in each case. I don’t remember the exact numbers. Sorry.

SHOTGUN CHUCK edited this message on 05/21/2012 1:48AM
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