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Avatar: 259233 2012-03-27 18:41:01 -0400

Level 25 Camwhore

“The Lady is a Tramp”

twas Posted:

the only way that they tried to keep the players engaged was with us creating content for them.

Yeah.. that sounds right. At least they could take the time and voting limits off and let the 5 of us make stupid ****. Did the content stop coming when ET found something else to do?

Technically it’s ‘mbumively multiplayer’ in the sense there’s more than 4 players on a console playing at ‘once’, and it’s online. and you can level up. that’s all I got.

Chuck Diesel Posted:

okay well the talk has been over for a while now so show yourself the **** out fine upstanding member of society

Hey. Hey you. Hey you Chuck. I see you like sucking that fine upstanding member of society male reproductive organ. you like those big, chocolate love logs squirting hot, steamy great times in your eye huh? yeah you know you like that ****, you like those fried chicken strips being shoved up that bum then they pour hot sauce in your bum and eat all that **** out

fine upstanding member of societylogs->Log in to see images!<-Chuck when he was 5

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