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One sunny morning, a vixen woke up from her bed in her small cabin in the woods. She took a shower, put on a green tunic and belt, made coffee and went out the door to walk through the woods. As she was walking through the woods, she found a tiny jar laying on the ground. Curious about the jar, she picked it up and opened it to find a blue ball with a odor of blueberries. Thinking it was a gumball, she put it in her mouth and began to chew. It tasted like the sweetest gum she ever chewed, the flavor got better and better the more she chewed. As she was chewing, she smelled a strong odor of blueberries that smelled rather comforting. But then as she looked to see where it was coming from, she noticed that her body was feeling bloated, she looked down and saw that her body was growing bigger and turning blue, like a blueberry. She paniced hoping the swelling would stop but it only got worse and worse as her limbs were getting sucked into her body. Suddenly she heard a harp and the swelling stopped, though her limbs were still sucked in. She looked around and saw herself as a living bluebrry with a tunic, head, hands and feet in a nearby puddle. The harp music seemed to get louder and closer when suddenly she saw the source of the sound, it turned out to be a group of small anthros about 1 foot tall wearing pointy hats, they looked kind of like gardon gnomes. “Who- who are you?” she asked “Why we are Gnomes.” one of the small figures said. She got a little nervous “What’s happening to me” she said, another gnome said “You’ve turned into a blueberry, we need to get you to our home and juice you so you don’t explode!”. She had a terrified look on her face, “But I stopped swelling” she said, but the lead Gnome replied by saying “The swelling is only arrested by the song we’re playing with the harp, if we stop the swelling will return.”. A lot of worries went through the vixen’s head, she started to attempt escaping but she could only waddle. Suddenly all the gnomes got around her and pushed her down to the ground. She was left in a state were she could not move or defend herself, the gnomes gathered in front of her and pushed her against her will. They pushed her quickly back and forth, the feeling of the juice in her body being swished made her feel funny, it wasn’t a bad feeling but it didn’t feel good either. Soon they stopped rolling her back and forth, instead they started rolling her to one direction. During the trip, she felt powerless since she was being taken advantage of by foxes and many other mammals 5 times smaller than her. She didn’t notice much of the surroundings, but she did see an pile of rocks which moved to reveal a cave. As they opened, the gnomes rolled her inside and they quickly closed afterwords. There was a few minutes of darkness until they reached what seemed like the kingdome of gnomes. They rolled her into a small circular hole and stood her up. She tried to waddle out but noticed that her feet weren’t touching the ground. Then the gnomes brougt over 2 wooden pistons, and bucket. The harp music suddenly stopped and she felt herself swelling again. She felt more uncomfortable and got bluer and bluer, she reached a diameter of 30 feet which was just about the size of the pistons. “Help, I feel like I’m about to burst” she screamed, the gnomes then started to group together to lift her up and place the giant bucket under her swelling body. “Squeze!” said the lead gnome, and they squezed her with great force. After a few minutes of painfull squezing, she fell into the juice. She gasped up for air and noticed that she was back to normal mbum, but she was perminantly purple. The gnomes cheered and dipped their kegs into the juice to drink to a job well done. They picked the vixen up and threw her up into the air as they cheered, through this the vixen noticed she was lighter and more flexible than usual. After the celebration ended, the vixen some how teleported back into her cabin. She thought it was all day dream, until she noticed herself in the mirror, she was a pure purple and was still wet with juice. As the sun went down, the vixen got tired and before she went to bed, she poured herself a glbum of blueberry juice. After she drank it, she felt herself swell “Uh oh, here I go again” she said.

The end

04/13/2012 1:09AM     | #
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