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Level 21 Hacker

“Buffer Overflower”

jiggabosheezy Posted:

so a drummer, a groupie, and a Brit walk into a bar. The groupie is like “I want sex on the beach”. The drummer is like, “I have vibrating sticks we can ride all night”, and the Brit says “I can bring the queen’s tea it makes the best lube”

So they all leave the bar and start ****ing with the queen’s tea and the vibrator drumsticks, then she starts screaming so loud her juices start flowing all over the place and she electrocutes on the sticks and they break so the drummer gets ****ed cuz those were some good sticks.

The Brit is like “I’m Sherlock Holmes, ****” and the queen’s tea was actually infrared and reacted with the groupie and the drummer and Watson jumped out of the closet and they arrested them both.

Demented SkanHo Forgot to take her Pills Hey Ho.

A Hacker Commands a N00b Obeys.

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