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Once upon a time not to long ago, there was a red fox wondering around a grbumy field. He wondered curiously until he found a dark woods. The fox reached into his pants pocket for a flash light, turned it on and continued into the deep dark woods. As he got deeper and deeper into the woods, the batteries in his flashlight ran dry. The fox became a little more nervous, he walked slowly hoping he could find some rocks and sticks so he could make a torch to light his path, or perhaps start a camp ground if he got tired. He continued into the shadowey darkness of the woods until he accidentally fell into a hole. Later, the fox woke up not sure what happened before. Strangely, the fox didn’t have any bruises or any feeling of pain from the fall, infact he felt better than the time before the fall. The fox saw a small light source comming from a side of the cave, it wasn’t as bright as day but it was still a sign that he was near freedom. As he got closer to the hole, and noticed it was rather small for anyone to come and go through. He crawled through the hole to see a stunning vision of many wonders, not only was there a lot of riches and treasures lying around, but there were little furries about 1 foot tall all around him. They were dancing, drinking, eating, telling stories, laughing, playing and playing instruments. It didn’t take long until the little people noticed him, however they weren’t frightened at all by the fact an outsider came in to their underground town, they let him in on all the fun, games, drinking and dancing. Hours later, the fox sat happy and care free on the comfortable moist rock until one of the little people cam up to him, however this one was a white fox with a golden crown. “Top o’ the morning to you chap” said the little fox “I see you have found my kingdom. We’ve never had people like you in these parts but we know a lot about your people and how you live, we never expected you’d ‘drop by’” he giggled. “Who are you?” said the big red fox “Why, I’m Herman, I’m the king of the Leprechauns” the small gentleman said. The red fox wanted to share his name, but felt it wasn’t important. “Since I see a lot in you, I was thinking of inviting you to a royale Leprechaun feast, with turkey that will grant you eternal life” Herman said. The fox suddenly felt a strange hunger in his stomach, “Yes, of course” he said. Suddenly a table complete with a tastey looking turkey along with other great wines and food came out of nowhere, “Help your self, everything on the table is yours”. The fox had the turkey first of course, he ate what seemed like a whole eternity worth of turkey. He felt his belly get bigger and bigger, to the point where he couldn’t move, Herman laughed mischeviusly as he gave the fox a knife and potato. “Hey, what gives? I have to make my own food” Said the fox, all surprised. “No, you’re going to peel our potatoes for the rest of your new eternal life” as Herman shoved a big piece of turkey down the fox’s throught “But it’s not all bad, you also get to eat turkey every hour, have leprechauns dance on you, they’ll even use you as a bed. You’ll be loved by all of us.”, Herman hugged the morbidly obese fox as other leprechauns feed him more turkey. The fox looked around and thought it was a good trade “Okay” said the fox. Every leprechaun proceeded to cheer and danced on the soft but firm belly of the fox, which pleased him. The fox was forever to be remembered as the best friend a leprechaun could have, and everyone would live on happily ever after.

The end.

P.S.: I’m not Celery Steve

03/15/2012 11:10PM     | #
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