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Karl Pilking-

Avatar: 249352 2013-01-05 02:29:43 -0500

Level 69 Emo Kid

Dimus Mancoid

Bacchus Posted:

What are you a ****ing history teacher? I hate history teachers almost as much as I hate the French.

No I didn’t do so well in school because me parents had a caravan and we’d go to Wales a lot. I missed so much school that they once gave me a bronze certificate for attending for a full week. I think the teacher just made it up though to try to encourage me. I got an E in History but forgot to register for the Math and English and Arts exams. I’ve done alright for meself though even without school. I’m handy at DIY. And I read a book about Rasputin once. He was this sort of mad monk in Russia who got done in. I’m not sure why he is famous though. He didn’t do much anyway.

Anyway, next one:

The sort of cryptic clue is Those Jamaican fellas are twirling fish over their heads. Why’s that? The Jamaican lads are twirling fish about. Why? The initials are D. S.

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