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Avatar: 61989 2011-12-28 11:21:37 -0500

[Temple of the Anth-
ropomorphic Majesty

Level 35 Troll

Right from the moment when I saw Saw, I laughed.


masterofsucking: Thou shalt cometh at thy brethren

Celerysteve: no

Celerysteve: **** 4chan

masterofsucking: you mildly obese pedophile

masterofsucking: go.

masterofsucking: back to you hut.

masterofsucking: go.

Celerysteve: you mildly pedophile obese

masterofsucking: so now we dont use grammar aymore? what is the world coming to?

Celerysteve: your face is grammar

Celerysteve: i will grape you in the mouth

masterofsucking: i will melon you in the bum whats your point?

Celerysteve: point is

Celerysteve: im it

Celerysteve: youre 0

masterofsucking: youre it?

masterofsucking: it?

Celerysteve: bow down

masterofsucking: WTF is it?

masterofsucking: it is gay.

Celerysteve: you dont know

Deatho: ....

Celerysteve: youre -1

Deatho: derp

masterofsucking: very nice counting

Celerysteve: it is it

masterofsucking: lol

Deatho: Herpaderpityderp

Celerysteve: your mom

masterofsucking: and this deatho guy herpin over here is with me

Celerysteve: good 2 fabulous persons

Celerysteve: go **** him

Deatho: Watch this.

masterofsucking: yes, you would like to watch that wouldnt you?

masterofsucking: you gay pervert

Deatho: Why u so mad?

masterofsucking: not mad just trolling around while i wait

Celerysteve: i would like it

Celerysteve: very much

masterofsucking: O:

Celerysteve: go

Deatho: Don’t feed trolls.

Celerysteve: toss the salad

Celerysteve: feed him salad

masterofsucking: lawl

masterofsucking: i’ll thow my salad at your fae

Celerysteve: feed him your freshly tossed salad

Celerysteve: your face is salad

Celerysteve: and im the fork

masterofsucking: i will throw a helicopter at your house

Celerysteve: fork you

masterofsucking: original, very

Celerysteve: i own every helicopter

Deatho: Lolaut?

masterofsucking: what about bill gates

Celerysteve: what about him

Deatho: what about him

Celerysteve: go toss his salad

masterofsucking: he owns helichoptarz

Deatho: go toss his salad

Celerysteve: not when you are tossing his salad

masterofsucking: XD are you mocking him or trying to reinforce it?

Deatho: not when you are tossing his salad

Celerysteve: you cant be gay in a helicopter

Deatho: I troll.

Celerysteve: hes saying truth

masterofsucking: mmhmm

Celerysteve: you could be gay though in gay **** helicopter

Celerysteve: cuz thats the kind of helicopter you have

masterofsucking: your logic is failing

Celerysteve: my logic is right

masterofsucking: or is it left?

Celerysteve: no

masterofsucking: (see what i did there Log in to see images!

Deatho: Why u no be troll?

Celerysteve: its not left gtfo

Celerysteve: no

masterofsucking: out of what?

masterofsucking: my seat?

Celerysteve: yeah

masterofsucking: alright im standing

masterofsucking: now what you noob

Celerysteve: go wash your hands

Deatho: Why is celerysteve 100 years old?

Deatho: I see fake.

Celerysteve: because your obsessed with him and look at his profile

masterofsucking: because crack makes you live longer

Celerysteve: no meth does

masterofsucking: so your a two year old

masterofsucking: with fake internets

Celerysteve: on crystal meth i am

masterofsucking: thats very nice

Celerysteve: because on crystal meth thats normal

Celerysteve: go fly your fabulous personcoptre to gay town

masterofsucking: well i doubt it cause doing that **** isnt normal

Deatho: Typo much?

Celerysteve: on crystal meth its normal

masterofsucking: >.>

Celerysteve: what

masterofsucking: you?

Celerysteve: i fly a giant monster

masterofsucking: excellent

Celerysteve: i fly the hatredcopter

masterofsucking: itachi?

Deatho: Roflcopters.

Celerysteve: no

Celerysteve: shutuip

Deatho: Roflcopters.

masterofsucking: why cant you spellllllll

Celerysteve: toss my salad

Celerysteve: no

Celerysteve: because your face

Deatho: Roflcopters

Deatho: because your face is made of fail

Celerysteve: no

Celerysteve: your face is my bum

masterofsucking: yes

Deatho: Celerycopters.

Celerysteve: yeah i wn those too

masterofsucking: Crackheadcopters

Celerysteve: no

masterofsucking: yes

Celerysteve: no **** you

masterofsucking: yes

Deatho: Stevecopters

Celerysteve: what

Deatho: I dare you to pbum the filter.

Celerysteve: dare what

Deatho: The language filter.

Celerysteve: i do that every day

Celerysteve: i do what i want to

Deatho: Do it.

Celerysteve: ok

masterofsucking: you are ridiculously unintelligent

masterofsucking: lol

Celerysteve: no **** you

masterofsucking: o really?

Celerysteve: yeah

masterofsucking: no

Celerysteve: no **** you

masterofsucking: no

Celerysteve: no **** you

Deatho: copy paste the offensive language.

Celerysteve: what

Deatho: what

masterofsucking: **** you

Celerysteve: no **** you

masterofsucking: **** you

Celerysteve: no **** you

masterofsucking: **** you

Celerysteve: no **** you

masterofsucking: **** you

Celerysteve: no

masterofsucking: **** you

Celerysteve: **** you

masterofsucking: **** you

Celerysteve: shutup

masterofsucking: **** you

Celerysteve: **** your face

masterofsucking: **** you

Celerysteve: **** you

masterofsucking: **** you

Celerysteve: no

masterofsucking: **** you

Celerysteve: shutup

masterofsucking: **** you

Celerysteve: no **** you

masterofsucking: **** you

Deatho: *aims for the mute bumon*

masterofsucking: **** you

masterofsucking: lol

Celerysteve: aim for this bumon

masterofsucking: why wouldnt you mute

Celerysteve: thats what you like

masterofsucking: i would have a long time ago

Celerysteve: no you

Deatho: Unless you bother me too much.

Celerysteve: what

Deatho: What’s your IQ level?

Celerysteve: over 9000

masterofsucking: why would i bother you? Log in to see images!

Celerysteve: you

Celerysteve: shutup no **** you

masterofsucking: if your iq is that high why are you on a primative thing like the internet

Celerysteve: why is your mom

masterofsucking: nice comeback

Deatho: Celery whats 9 x 5(8/2*2) =?

Celerysteve: your face

Deatho: Lulz dumb.

shiitakemushroom: 360

Celerysteve: yes your face is dumb

Celerysteve: no 365

Deatho: Celery 1 / 0


sethorien: 3600 word essay done

Celerysteve: 365 days a year

sethorien: i am happy

sethorien: Log in to see images!

Celerysteve: is when i own you

shiitakemushroom: nope, its 360

masterofsucking: hey shroomhead you wanna harras this other vegetable with me?

Celerysteve: no

sethorien: o.o

Celerysteve: i dont

Deatho: Celery what is the square root of 81?

masterofsucking: i mean like celery, come on

shiitakemushroom: no thanks…. ill just go mute u now…

sethorien: celery, why you gotta be so silly?

masterofsucking: 9

Celerysteve: whats the square root of your mom

sethorien: burning more calories than you provide…

masterofsucking: i win

Celerysteve: no i win

sethorien: that’s just stooped celery :|

sethorien: why you gotta be so stooped!

Celerysteve: i win **** you

sethorien: Log in to see images!

masterofsucking: do you now?

shiitakemushroom: muted master

Celerysteve: <winner

sethorien: master?

Deatho: Celery what is 1 divided by 0.

sethorien: <winning*

sethorien: oooo

Celerysteve: 365

sethorien: i know the answer!

masterofsucking: oh i know this one

Celerysteve: i told you

sethorien: DEAD KITTENS


masterofsucking: LOL

Deatho: Hurr.

Celerysteve: i own you 365

sethorien: that’s what my math teacher told me Log in to see images!

Deatho: Btw you cant divide by 0.

Celerysteve: thats the only answer you need

sethorien: we never ever divided by zero ever again o.o

Deatho: It can cause a black hole.

sethorien: we just made little holes in all our graphs where that zero would be…

Celerysteve: your moms black hole

masterofsucking: yeah i tried that once

Celerysteve: i tried it too

sethorien: fruck you whraows :|

masterofsucking: i am now missing a leg

Deatho: Divide 0 by 0.

sethorien: still infinite

Celerysteve: just shutup

Celerysteve: i hate you

Deatho: Celerysteve: just shutup

Deatho: Celerysteve: i hate you

Celerysteve: no u

Deatho: Celerysteve: no u

Celerysteve: no

masterofsucking: no

Celerysteve: no **** you

masterofsucking: no **** you

Deatho: Language.

Celerysteve: no **** you

sethorien: **** everything! Log in to see images!

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