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Avatar: 61989 2011-12-28 11:21:37 -0500

[Temple of the Anth-
ropomorphic Majesty

Level 35 Troll

Right from the moment when I saw Saw, I laughed.

Bacchus Posted:

Banned for asking for a ban without reasonable grounds.

Banned because I never had sex with my cousin because I wish I could go back to that one time I was maybe 16 and we wrestling around together and she was all laughing and really enjoying it and our faces got all close and I totally got the look like she wanted me to kiss her and I knew it right then too but I was like oh no I can’t do that because people will think it is wrong and she was such a cutie little petite stoner chick and I would have impregnated her with 8 fingered babies like an angry fist of God and it probably would have been about the hottest **** I could possibly imagine and nothing like that ever happened again probably cuz like we both sensed it and I didnt do anything and she was embarrbumed about it and I suppose maybe dealing with the frustration of a missed opportunity like that has in helped harden my soul into (an albeit uninspired and apathetic) emotionally solid and resolute individual but I’d rather have something else harden if you know what I mean and bro dude man I mean still if I ever see her again it has been a few years you know but I will totally have to come up with a sly plan to get her drunk with me cuz like obviously we all know no girl is as hot as she is when she is underage but **** I’m sure she ages relatively well cuz I do like these two old dudes I think they were jehovas witnesses or something came by my house and they are all like hello son are you the man of the house for today and that aint the first time I heard that **** but bro yeah dude I totally need like a good plan to where like she has to come back to my place alone and be like oh hey I happen to have this alcohol you know and we should drink cuz of this totally good reason and omg you look like your about to fall let me catch omg that was your boob lol yeah that was a totally an accident you were just like and then I was like you know I accidentally touched your boob like this oh Im so drunk I didnt realize I was still touch your boob lol but I kinda like them you know like how that part there does that um you know that bull**** I’m making up hey does the other one do that and at that point you know you can pretty much just drop that whole facade cuz like we both know what is up and get down to business.

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