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Charlie Sheen

Avatar: 51012 2011-07-31 00:40:28 -0400

[Gimmick Alts and R-
ole-Players Local -
Union 352

Level 12 Camwhore

Kickflippin' for Jesus cause he took away my alcoholism and drug addictions and genetic woman's genitals fever!

john milkovick is a fabulous person i swear to ****in god man

one time we were bangin this like mid-op tranny or somethin he**** has the dong and the puss and the bum i was workin that vag because im not a fabulous person and i got like this big rubber band and worked it around the tranny (its name was mark which can be a boys or a girls name and it seemed pretty cool but its dead because of unknown hate crimes now) and its dong was strapped down so it was extra not gay

anyway malky was up front gettin he male reproductive organ ate and i swear he was jus watchin me **** the entire time he was gettin blown just watchin me workin my male reproductive organ in and out and in and out and in and out just like that who song immigrant song

an i was like what the **** is your problem dude and i dont remember how it ended cept we dont talk anymore cept on the phone and skype and im and when we see each other in peoples person

my point is i dont like this picture cux it reminds me of tough times

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