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nced Individ-

Avatar: 174541 2012-01-02 15:34:06 -0500

[enjoy GANG]

Level 35 Troll

If I can write this, my whole life has been wasted. I'm worthless and awful.

Charlie Sheen Posted:


****in you no

one time me and FAIL were eatin at this dennys and i swear to god i could smell our waitress woman's genitals she might have as well been wearing a perfume called what my cooze smells like and she just poured it over herself an im going CRAZY like we were pretty twisted drinkin an smokin trom and i had smoked some pcp outta this mixed ****es vag an i lost a lot of blood since i had this big ****in coke nose bleed and i fell down steps

but i look at FAIL and im like you smell that bro you smell that ****in punani and he says what cuz i had a bunch of scramble eggs in my mouth and i said i cant even ****in remember dude but that smell man it was like she been ridin my nose for months maybe for charity or somethin

anyway we left go some 40s and megaphones and yelled at people from a lifeguard chair

FAIL is a good friend an would be great for this he can drive boats good


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