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Avatar: 252493 2011-07-31 00:32:06 -0400

[Ultreon - Reborn]

Level 54 Hacker

Ultreon is short for fine upstanding member of societys that eat **** on a daily basis

My ideas for themes.

Power Play:

All Cards are worth double.

No shield cards.

Prismatic Scoops:

Scoops are replaced with 1 scoop in a predefined pattern (vanilla, pistachio, lemon, chocolate, antifreeze)

Earning 3 then 2 scoops would give 2 vanilla, 2 pistachio, 1 lemon, 0 chocolate, and 0 antifreeze

Earning 5 scoops in a row would give 1 of each type

Earning 8 scoops would result in 2 vanilla, 2 pistachio, 2 lemon, 1 chocolate, and 1 antifreeze

Modest Improvement and Switcheroo cards are removed

The bumhole card will always destroy 2 of each type of scoop, other attack cards are unchanged

Min. Scoops medal is worth double

Jerk Domination:

Gain 1 free card per rollover

Domination cards are hidden

Modest Improvement, Shield, Switcheroo, Stray Bullet, and Peeping Tom cards are removed

Triple Investment:

Domination cards cost 8 scoops

Domination cards are worth triple value

There are 4 choices for a card

An Heroism:

Committing suicide 3 times earns 3 scoops of each flava

Gambling cannot earn Antifreeze


Collecting chocolate scoops earns a scoop in the weakest flava

Collecting 2 chocolate scoops in 1 rollover earns a free card


Scoops earned are reduced to 1/2 value, rounded down.

Cards are reduced to 1/2 value

James1011R edited this message on 06/04/2011 11:24PM
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