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Derpy Hooves

Avatar: 250281 2011-03-21 23:53:44 -0400

[Play INCIT]

Level 8 Re-Re

Melanin-Enhanced Individual has a dictated letter from former President Bush. It says “I don’t care about you.”

Patently Chill Prestidigitator has… oh, dear. Nude photos of Criss Angel. I hope they’re photoshopped. The poor man doesn’t look healthy in the least.

celerybob gets a Hummel figurine. I think. I don’t believe Hummel makes figurines of ginger kids getting beaten with canes, but I could be wrong.

Ditto Redux has a box of boxes.

Odalisque, good news! The judge has lifted your restraining order! Oh. No, wait. That order was filed by you. I guess it’s bad news then. I’m terribly sorry. Log in to see images! Derpy Hooves edited this message on 04/18/2011 7:40PM

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