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nced Individ-

Avatar: 174541 2012-01-02 15:34:06 -0500

[enjoy GANG]

Level 35 Troll

If I can write this, my whole life has been wasted. I'm worthless and awful.

megazeroexe Posted:

all i do at school

    yell indecent things at people “Hey **** your kitchen is ****ed up and your Ug boots are leaning I think you have club foot.”

    yell prices for marijuana, cocaine, etc. “2 for the 5. 2 for the 5 gottem goin for the low. Holla atcha boy Big Peezy. Hey baby you straight on the weed? What about frisbees you straight on them too?”

    walk around school and interrupt the various conversation circles with “Yeah but I was eating some doo-doo the other day and eh….that ****….it’s……. not as cool as it sounds man” or something of the sort

    grab balls and bum. Only girl bum tho I’m not gay.

    wander aimlessly like a melancholy bumhole

    grab balls and bum.

    go to the library and check out books. I have my own personal system checking books out though. 3 steps. 1) See book. 2) put book in bag 3) walk out back door

    try to get my male reproductive organ eaten

when i die i dont want to be buried nor cremated nor dry freezed none of that i want to be stuffed like old Appalachian dogs

like real talk fine upstanding member of society just drop me off at the taxidermist’s and let that boy cook. like i want my body to be erected somewhere in my descendants’ house(s) to just remind them how scary a person i was

like post me in the pantry with a bag of teeth in my hand just violating ****

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