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Acid Flux

Avatar: 6767 Tue Mar 17 11:41:54 -0400 2009

[Country Kitchen an-
d Flea Market

Level 35 Troll


Bill_Murray_Fan_7383 Posted:

Okay I just deleted about 500+ tubmails, so feel free to apply.

But wow, people were really riding my male reproductive organ back in the day; I had tubmails from Summer_Girl and Escher and Pickled male reproductive organbum, and Acid Flux begging me (BEGGING ME) to do vanilla raids…

Yeah, back when Domination & Klans were still somewhat relevant. Plus, I didn’t realize how much of a douche you were back then. Log in to see images!

I just went back and looked at what you were talking about. That was me finding out if you were joining the rest of the Klan on the scheduled raid, not me ‘begging’ you. All I said was ‘Are you coming?’. I don’t think I even bothered to reply when you messaged me back.

Damn, that was like three years ago.

Acid Flux edited this message on 02/16/2011 2:37PM

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