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Hot Pho

Avatar: 226401 2010-03-21 02:41:40 -0400

Level 12 Emo Kid

But what if I like it here (on Ricket's male reproductive organ)

Celerysteve Posted:

****in **** was ****in unbelievable man. This guy made multiple mistakes, wasted drugs he didn’t need to take, and got addicted. Well he’s fairly active and up to this point he was good. He’s getting off like the victim and I look like the bad guy because I wanted to shun him. I took the drugs and ended up puting them back in the bank for him (twinoid, unlabeled and hydratone I’m keeping the rest **** thay). I mean nobody thinks I’m the bad guy not m except him and and his equally incompetent buddy, and I could have got him shunned, but it would hurt us. cuz he does everything with that other dude so we’d basically lose two and we had to let one go tonight after his like fifth time getting trapped. SO we’re down 22You better sit down to read this ****.

I’ll finish this cool story later.

Shut up, Sailboatsteve. But wait, why u mad?

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