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Avatar: 225269 2010-12-18 04:46:40 -0500


Level 69 Troll

Jokes are way over my head

Hello everybody!

Official discussion thread here:

In a drunken stupor last night, I bought the Friends of Forumwarz Platinum pack and have now decided to use it in order to make INCIT more fun. Or at least hopefully.

For this contest, participants will submit ONE(1) INCIT submission done by them during the current contest period. Every week, I will decide which submission I like best, and give that user 20bp. Only 1 submission per character, alts are okay. You may submit every week.

Additionally, any submission made during the week will also be considered for best submission of the month. The winner of best submission of the month will receive 100bp.


1) ONLY ONE SUBMISSION PER CHARACTER PER WEEK! I don’t want to have to sift through hundreds of garbage subs.

2) YOUR SUBMISSION MUST HAVE WON THE ROUND YOU SUBMITTED IT TO. Please link to your Hall of **** posting to participate.

3) I WILL DECIDE WINNERS A DAY OR TWO AFTER THE END OF THE WEEK. No real criteria, I’ll just pick whichever strikes me as best at the time.

4) SUBMISSIONS MUST HAVE BEEN DONE THE CURRENT WEEK OF THE CONTEST! The contest will start officially on January 2nd. The first weekly prize will accept submissions up to and including January 8th. You can start submitting now if you want.

5) PLEASE ONLY POST SUBMISSIONS IN THIS THREAD, NO DISCUSSION. I will post a second thread in CD for discussion of the contest, if you guys really want to give your opinions on things.

6) A MINIMUM OF FIVE (5) SUBMISSIONS ARE REQUIRED PER WEEK FOR PRIZES. Wouldn’t be INCIT without INCIT-bot being annoying, would it? If a prize goes unclaimed one week, the winnings will be carried over to the next week, and any submissions will as well.

That should cover it. I’ll update this post with winners and any relevant news. As it currently stands, the contest will run until the end of April, with the last monthly and weekly prize ending on April 30th. Hopefully this will get more people playing INCIT, and I’m convinced that more people playing and trying to be funny will make it a better game. Feel free to disagree.



2-8: Jubbles

9-15: Jubbles

16-22: Jubbles again, damn guys

23-29: Elencha

30-Feb. 5: Bacchus


6-12: Jubbles!Log in to see images!

13-19: Nobody. Not enough subs.

20-26: Also Jubbles

27-Mar. 5:





27-Apr. 2:







January: Jubbles

February: Jubbles again!



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