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Avatar: 48966 2011-07-31 19:36:53 -0400

[The Scrotal Safety-

Level 69 Camwhore

Qui est cette chienne

Alright, Peens, Peens, Peens! Come on in, Peen lovers!

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Here at the Peenile Augmentation Center we’re slashing Peens in half! Give us an offer on our vast selection of Peens, this is a Peen blowout! We got white Peen, black Peen, Mexican Peen, yellow Peen, we got smelly Peen, we got hairy Peen, bloody Peen, we got snappin’ Peen, silk Peen, velveteen Peen, Naugahyde Peen, even horse Peen and chicken Peen! You want Peen? If we don’t got it, you don’t want it!


This contest is all about redesigning the following E-Peens™:

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  • Hurf Durf!
  • The Color Orange
  • Gifted
  • I Came
  • Engreat timesbrance Bait


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  • Every participant must submit at least one design for any of the the Failtastic Five Peens, but you can submit one for each (up to 5). Players can also submit an unlimited amount of bonus entries in addition.
  • Bonus entries include redesigns of any other Peen that didn’t make it to Fail-5.
  • Your images should be exactly 75x75 pixels (JPG, maximum quality).
  • You can use this JPG as a basis or even drop it into this Photoshop template, if you’re that cool.
  • If you don’t have any graphic design software or forgot where the MacPaint/MSPaint link is, you could submit just the image (cropped down to 59x59 pixels) – see Design Guidelines section.
  • You have to use only Public Domain or (majorly altered) Creative Commons image sources for your designs. Here is a list of websites that could come handy.
  • Send your submission(s) to (again, DON’T post them in this thread!)
  • If you don’t want to use email for some weird reason, upload your subs somewhere and Tubmail me a link to download it.
  • Please specify your FWZ name when you email you submission, otherwise I’d have to email you BPs, which is not even possible.
  • Submission deadline is within 2 weeks (Friday, October 8, 11:59 p.m. EST)
  • EDIT: Extended to Sunday, October 10, 11:59 p.m. EST



Since you’re gonna actually update the look and feel of this marvelous website, Mr. Javier Bootyhole Mike Drach was kind enough to supply the list of design guidelines you should try to follow:

  • The E-Peen consists of two obligatory parts: the rounded rectangle inside zone (image) and the border. You could get rid of the shadow or that 3D-ish bevel if you want.
  • The border can be any color (or a combination of colors, usually in a gradient).
  • Do not change the size of the Peen itself (rounded rectangle).
  • Leave the background white.

Note: If you’re absolutely unable to use any graphic editing software, you can just submit a square image (make sure to crop it down to 59x59 pixels at least), and we can Peenify it later. Not everyone knows how to use masks and stuff. But, you should try to be creative with the image itself!


After the submission stage is over, the Jury (there are four of those bastards, including myself) gets to vote on the best designs. Scoring criteria include:

  • Funniness
  • Overall quality of design
  • Originality of the idea

Bonus submissions could net you some points too. And of course, creating the actual E-Peen™ design is more beneficial than sending an image alone.

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  • The winner gets 300 BP and a special E-Peen™!
  • The second place gets 200 BP
  • Third place gets 100 BP
  • Best designs (one of each of the Fail-5) get implemented. Additionally, all winners receive an honorable mention on FWZ Credits page.
  • The best bonus entry gets a special 50 BP prize, but its implementation is not guaranteed.

Finally, after the scoring is over and top 5 is determined, I will create a poll thread with the collection of best runner-up designs. The poll winner would get a 50BP Community Fan Award.

Good luck!

Inconnu edited this message on 10/08/2010 9:55PM
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