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Avatar: Middle Finger

Level 17 Troll

“Inflammatory Agent ”

Wrap yourself in duct tape. everyone knows that duct tape is impenetrable by zombies. Also, no gold duct tape, remember that James Bond(R) Movie? That chick ended up dying becasue the gold kept her body from extreting hotness. Adam and Jamie tried it, but they didn’t use ral gold color, they used the wrong color. My mom has a lot of gold jewlry (jew-lry, lool) and she wears it, but now in Philly. Anyway, after you cover yourself in duct tape, get hairspray and a lighter, then tape them together so its like the flamethrower on dead space. Scratch taht, the flamethrower on that game sucked balls. get a circular saw and loosen teh nut on the blade, but attack a bungee to it, so then you’ll have a ripper. That gun kicked bum. So yeah, duct tpae + ripper = pwnage. And don’t forget to dismember them, when you cut their legs off, they can’t chase you. Good luckl anbd may the force be with you.

PoopShoot1102 edited this message on 09/20/2010 6:07PM

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