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Avatar: Jimmy the Re-Re

Level 40 Re-Re

I'm a fabulous person who goes back on Dom ties

I seriously have no idea; I’m not an expert JAVA coder. Besides, when the Streak Marker had a problem with the √∂ in Nientend√∂ Official Forums, only that one forum wasn’t marked as pwned, but all others forums that were part of the streak were still marked as intended. But now, no forum is marked at all.

However, I can tell you that some other scripts, like Forum Helper still works (albeit not updated in my case.) The sorting function of SuperKosherCrazyCareers also works, but the streak filtering is not. So I think it’s not about my Firefox or Greasemonkey. In fact, I was in the middle of doing my Kosher’s job yesterday when suddenly the Streak Marker that worked perfectly just a few minutes before that stopped working. Weird.

Anyone has the same problem? SuperKosherCrazyCareers is the strangest case since one function of it works and another doesn’t.

Also, is the link supposed to be accessible? I still think that could be part of the problem.

EDIT: I’ve done 4 more jobs today, and now the Streak Marker worked every time I finished a job and returned to Kosher’s via the Character page link. But it didn’t work after a refresh, or anywhere else, or clicking the link again after that. It only worked one time and one time only after I finished pwning a forum. Now that’s just ridiculous.

Kittysan edited this message on 08/24/2010 7:39AM
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