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MPFyrus Posted:

Hah, Powerpuff Girls. Good times. I remember Cow and Chicken as well, with that red fatbum who had a rather disturbing thing for not wearing pants. Grim never got old. Ever.

Courage the Cowardly Dog was pretty damned awesome as well.

...Seriously, what happened to good television? There’s almost nothing good anymore.

Literally all of these shows are on Boomerang.

Live action

They did this ages ago when 2 Stupid Dogs “hosted” the channel for the weekend. They played movies and reruns of Gilligan’s Island. The joke was that they are 2 stupid dogs.

But yes, I agree, CN should not air live action (except during adult swim), and they should have branched out into another channel (A la Teen Nick or some ****) for these endeavors. However, I’m sure the cost of a cartoon to be produced is far more than a ‘reality’ show with no script or production values. Definitely the costs more than a viral video clip show.

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