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Avatar: 70433 2014-06-07 22:10:47 -0400

[Grey Goose Mafiosi]

Level 60 Hacker

Ask me about how many male reproductive organs in my bum :zak:

i was actually trying to make a point when i said “fabulous persons”.

i wanted to see if i would get banned just for saying it, even if it wasn’t directed at anyone and just to, you know, introduce to the point i made after it.

so i don’t know, i got a “warning ban”, is that just bluffing, like a fake ban? just a message saying i was banned so people get scared and think “ooooh, i can’t post something like that or i’ll get banned”? or did i really get banned? i don’t know because i went shopping and just came back, but i can’t know if i got a really short ban in that time.

all i’m saying is, get the stick out of your bumes, people. or… not. whatever. idc.

i hope i don’t get banned for saying that, since there’s been so much sensitivity lately. it’s like we’re not allowed to be angry or annoyed and react humanly in cd you know Log in to see images!

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