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Hacking the site isn’t the only way to destroy the site

you can hack someone’s mind also using social engineering or something else

so you need lots of BP and


  1. buy lots of bp
  2. make a contest about staying away from forumwarz (this will affect forumwarz by
    1. the ads will not be seen by anyone by the days without any one on other than the mods and admins
    2. the advertising agency will take back the ads
    3. forumwarz will loose money
    4. due to the lack of resources forumwarz will be shut down and sold to somebody else and possibly making this site unrelated to the one we see here
  3. give the prize 2 weeks before it shuts down


  1. find a way to force the mods and admins to implement all of the suggestions like a BP contest for who can get the mod and/or admins to implement all of the suggestions (any spam or trolling that comes from this contest will not be blamed on the contest starter because the contest starter did not say anything about spamming or trolling)
  2. the result would be more destruction of Forumwarz and very legal
    1. it is not sent by illegal alt
    2. when sent by many
    and it will annoy the target by
    1. mail overflow
    2. thread overflow
    3. resource overflow

optionally you can add “make a auction” to plan 2


5) Contests which require a user to look at, or bid on, any particular Kyoubai auction are not permitted.

they did not say anything about contest telling forumwarriorz making auctions

yet there is one flaw: the mods or admins will try to make a bigger contest

yet there is a flaw to the flaw: the mod and admin contest must last a limited amount of time.

so you fix the flaw

The nerd o powa edited this message on 07/27/2010 9:40AM


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