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Level 40 Camwhore



Mostly just a maintenance build.


*removed now useless code (checking for script load, load on script load, etc. lag-proof code fixed those problems).

*rephrased some comments and removed commented (unused) code

*added function to change title after finish (all but INCIT because it loops so fast and never “ends” )

*added new config variable allowEnd to allow things like ForumBuildr to end (with end title) instead of loop back around.

*renamed some functions and variables

*changed from global variable for times to local variable and a function that returns an array (proper I suppose)

*added a check for non empty newTitle (has time left) with 0 seconds to add 0 seconds to title instead of drop it when not using useZeros (conform to style of FW timer)

*added check at start up script for finished auctions (there are no timers on this at all)

*added check for 0d0h0m1s left to optionally end timer (or always for auctions)


– None. Haven’t entirely tested the new code. 1.4.0 was so stable, I have a feeling that this new version will regress. Please let me know if I borked something.

pr0n5t4r edited this message on 06/20/2010 6:37AM
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