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Avatar: 171243 2010-01-29 08:14:52 -0500


Level 59 Troll


DG-Root Posted:

I’ve noticed that due to a decline in activity, participating in INCIT has been a pain in the Log in to see images! because the number of users and submissions hovers just below the submission limit and you stopped paying attention.

Yeah, I know, and it’s ****ing me off! Log in to see images!

Well strap this here greasemonkey userscript to your browser and get to submitting ****ty posters for the internet, because it makes it easier than ever.

What does this damn thing do? Log in to see images!

I’m glad you asked, now I can feature list at you.

* Shows the number of subs / people in / time left / for the current INCIT round in the titlebar.
* Flashes the title bar if it is time to vote.
* Plays a little sound to alert you that voting has started. 
* Filters out what INCIT-Bot has to say.

Are you just pulling my leg? Log in to see images!

Click this here link for photographic evidence otherwise! Or maybe here, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Oh my goodness I am so excited where can I get thi—blrpfsdph Log in to see images!

Calm down and click right here, buddy.

I’ll bet there’s a ton of strings attached. Log in to see images!

The only real drawback is that, to get a reliable reading on the status of the round, you must be connected to the chat and not already have any method of ignoring INCIT-Bot. That, and when filtering out INCIT-Bot’s messages, they’re visible for about a second.

If there’s any problems with or suggestions it please submit them here and I’ll get to fixing them.

I recycled some of the code from quangntenemy’s INCIT Alarm (without the javascript alert) and Wrong’s NewDotMoarFiles that I just spent some time fixing up, so they’re included in the authors list.

voted for E-Peen !Log in to see images!

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