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Level 40 Camwhore


Are you sure you get more cred (experience basically) from pwning a forum harder? I know you get more fans.

I would think over-damaging a forum wouldn’t get you more cred.

I pwn a forum with an average of 180 hp per thread. I do around 1200-1800 depending on the equips I wear. If I go practically naked, I do 800 dmg and gain way less fans and deliveries (didn’t check cred gained).

If cred is based on a forum level (excluding threads as that is total), then why wouldnt the deliveries be based on just that (levels)?

Come to think of it, it boils down to only one of two things:

cred gain (if pwning harder gives more cred)

level period or level relative to your own (like bonuses for pwning above your own)

the only way that fans gained daily could have any affect is if it is combined with the level of the forum. I think it would be kinda dumb to have a secondary statistic that is hidden away when you have a perfectly good one.

level of forum (maybe give bonus or penality for relativity to your own level)

modified by fans/pwnage/cred gain for said forum

then finally by luck/charisma at rollover

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