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Edit: The fans number is just an arbitrary statistic. Unlike the wiki/game implies, the more fans you get != more junk upon rollover.

Edit2: Not the total… Just to be clear. You obviously get more fans/junk from pwning forums harder. Just like you get more Lemon Scoops. We will see tomorrow. I went luck-less (semi naked) pwning a forum and didnt even get lemons, so my junk income should be significantly less if I’m right.

The junk you get may be affected by charisma/luck, but the MAJORITY of the determining factor is the forums you pwned between rollovers.

higher forums > lower forums (or at least, previously unpwned forums)

diverse forums > repeated forums

different forums > single forum

Possibly tied to streak as well, but I highly doubt it.

I had a streak of 52 or 56 and I was pulling in hardly nothing trying to keep it going (pwning forums well below my level due to unpwned forums being well over my level).

When I did pwn a new/high level forum (2 over me), I would pull in about 1.2mil to 1.7mil (but my memory could be inaccurate..somewhere in there).

Currently, I am pwning the 7/11 Truth Movement forums and I only pull in about 100-200k daily with somewhere around 98 charisma and 70ish luck on rollover.

I think pwning crappy diverse forums > pwning one single (slightly) higher level forum.

pr0n5t4r edited this message on 04/20/2010 5:16PM
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