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Level 40 Camwhore




*Lag-proofing fixed. Seems to be perfect. You can even stop loading the page (images won’t load) and the script will load the countdown fine.

*INCIT should be fixed due to new lag-proofing code

*Fixed a NullPointerException in lag-proofing (see above two)

*Expanded “bumholes” search just in case as submission links can vary greatly

*Added some debugging code/options (how I found the NPE). Use “javascript: dbg()” (no quotes/space! avoiding smilie) in the address bar to see log

*Added “VOTING!” to beginning of title for voting page for INCIT. Best I can do for now as sounds are difficult to do and an alert (msgbox) would only work if the tab is selected (unlike FF and it’s script)


None this time. Pretty sure. If you find one, try enabling debug options, use “javascript: dbg()” (no quotes/space! avoiding smilie) in the address bar and post the log (you can select the text in the popup!).

pr0n5t4r edited this message on 04/20/2010 2:04AM
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