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Avatar: Code (Green)

[Island of Avalon]

Level 45 Hacker

“Backdoor Bob”

this is my post in intempt to win the amount of bownie points posted above i really want to win so if you could just give me some brownie points now you know that i will win cause i really dont ever stop wrting basically im just writing nonsese down at an incredible speed so far i realized that if you read up to here your nothing but a lifeless person seriously im just writing this cause im bored but your actually reading it so like wtf get out go outside read a book that isnt my post and maybe one day youll have enough brownie points to win something good like a job or a dog seriously are you still reading well guess what your just wasting your time cause i dont tell the secret to winning here i tell that secret near the end and i know you dont have enough patience to read to the end maybe this is the end? is it nope it is not so nive try but guess what the end is near let me tell you that by the time your up to here youve been reading for 50 seconds and really dude go do something else this is how you keep an idiot occupied by the way the first letter to the code is d okay did you remeber that the first letter is d so then you want to know the code okay lets see if you last long enough to find it you probably wont cause your a re re but im a hacker not the best but hell i still put fight in the fighter which is basically the samething then i realize that the second part of the code is o like the letter and if you didnt remeber well im not repeting it but you can look back if you want and your not that lazy but you probably wont cause your probably that lazy so then i realized that the thrid letter was i then n then g so basicallly if youve been following along with this you should a a word well lets make this shorter the second word is somthing like you know something you know what something is right its basically anything but not just anything its actally something and yup you ready for the last word well that word is else thats right youve been reading this just to find out youve been burned oh well the endLog in to see images!

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