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Avatar: CarlieGotfingered's Avatar

Level 39 Camwhore


Dirty Birdy Posted:

hum idk maybe its something that you could work on

Would you come over and help me?

xxEmoxKidxx Posted:

Now I remember while I still come here.

Whores will be Whores

Inconnu Posted:

OrsonScottCard fail. “Not equal” is != not =/=

Inconnu fail. != and =/= are ≠ to ≠


Someone With a woman's genitals Posted:

Most programming languages, which are limited to the ASCII character set, use ”~=”, ”!=”, ”/=”, ”=/=” or ”<>” to represent “not equal to”; ”!=” has carried over into newsgroups and Internet forums.


!= = =/=


My woman's genitalsl Programming Skillz just pwnd your bum, how does it feel to get pwnd by a nerdy girl?

P.S. i’m still on the rag and my flow is still heavy, looks like Log in to see images!

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