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Avatar: 178195 2009-10-20 15:57:25 -0400

[pizza party]

Level 66 Troll

Raffles, forever and ever and ever and ever :swoon:

man-man Posted:

Senselessly mocking people for what they believe, we can sensibly refrain from. But are you really saying we should withhold all criticism?

First up, you can’t value free speech whilst simultaneously suggesting “don’t criticise” as a rule (either officially enforced or just through social disapproval)

Second, without criticism of the stupid things people say, pointing out that they’re wrong, how is anyone ever going to be right? The lunatics, idiots, liars and charlatans of the world would have free rein to spread their particular brands of stupidity.

Just look at the mess British libel law is in, to see what happens when simple criticism can be successfully prosecuted against.

calling jesus a zombie and christians fabulous persons isnt criticising, that’s insulting.

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