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Avatar: Boobs


Level 40 Camwhore


highly improved version

*script now exits if there is no countdown (save resources maybe)

*only fires after countdown.js is fired (I suspect it was run multi versions per loaded script!)

*moved config variables to top for easy editing

*URL checks for desired URLs to use this script (delete the ones you dont want tracked)

*should be lag-proof code as it waits til the countdown element is actually loaded (not null)

known bugs:

-still horrible code for grabbing time (incorrect when a value is zero)

-only incit and auctions useShort works for now

-“end of round” for incit still broken for useShort

just gotta completely re-write the time grabber for useShort and I can “pretty up” incit with new features


-add submissions/bumholes to title

-append type (dom,incit,etc) to title

-possibly an alert for 2 minute warning on auctions

-alert for incit voting or end of auction, etc

-stop timer/script when reaching zero (FB,IB,visits,dom) with alert and/or title change (“Finish” etc)


updated url to code WITHOUT debug alert I was using (DOH!)

pr0n5t4r edited this message on 04/01/2010 5:28AM
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