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Dunatis Posted:

Generally my Luck ranges are considered 1-50 for Low, 50-100 for Medium and 100+ for high. But to get the most drastic results (I want to know how Luck affects things mainly) I tend to use 10-15 for Low, 60-70 for Medium and 180-190 for high (At least for newer stuff)

Colonel Sanders drops best at higher Luck so far it seems btw in 7/11, Zunecast has less than a 5% drop rate in either LOLkemia or Hail Brittania with High Luck so it is pretty rare even though it’s 5 pieces.

I think Mime Podcast is the final contender for best music file. I should finish mine methinks…

Alright, well I’m running a good bit of turns for your medium luck range (70 to be exact) and recording 7/11 and Nitwitter. Send them over next week when I stop.

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