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MC Banhammer

Avatar: 1887 2011-07-31 00:40:59 -0400

[Good Omens]

Level 69 Troll

Trying to create drama to drum up the ratings by any means necessary!

The Banhammer Family is proud to present Season 1 of Survivor: ForumWarz!


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Can you outwit, outpwn, and outlast your competitors to be awarded the title of Sole Survivor? And the Exclusive E-Peen™ that goes with it?

If you’re interested, please fill out the sign-up sheet below and TM it to me, your host. EIGHTEEN people will be selected to play, based on criteria known only to me. Only ONE alt per person may apply, and I will be having a mod check this. And don’t feel you have to apply with your highest-level alt to get in!

Some details:

To participate in this game, you must be willing to leave your current klan for another klan(s), potentially for the full run of the season.

The season will run until it’s over. Some challenges will be 24 hours, some will shorter, some will be longer, and I haven’t done the math yet. Plus player (and host) availability will change. Expect at LEAST a month from when we start until a winner is determined.

Depending on your progess, participation in this game will likely disrupt your normal Domination activities, your items and equipment, maybe even your build. In short: If you want to play, your character will most likely change. Don’t apply if you’re not willing to let that happen.

You’ll need to be able to receive tubmails. So if you don’t have Orange, and you’re at your Quota, you’ll have to make some changes.

You must have a public profile. There are things I want to see to help me finalize casting decisions and details on challenges.

This is a competition. You must be able to participate in “the competitive aspects of Forumwarz.” This means if you only have a cheater alt and want to play, you’ll have to uncheat. NO ONE is permitted to buy cheats during the course of the game. We will be checking.

You should probably be dom-enabled as well. You know, just in case. You don’t want to be the vegetarian if there’s a meat-eating challenge.

Many of the challenges will require the HONOR SYSTEM. Obviously I can’t police if you communicate with non-players, make deals to split the final BP reward, Photoshop a requested screenshot, etc. But those aren’t permitted in the real Survivor show, and I’d ask for you to please play this on the up-and-up. Pretend, for all game purposes, that you’re isolated from the rest of the community, except where you specifically need to interact with them (it’ll be clear when that happens), AND that you’re an honest person not using tools to simulate performing an actual task. Don’t talk to players on the other tribe, or voted-out players, either directly or via an alt, about the game. Etc. Anyone found violating this rule will be booted.

Anyone banned during the course of the contest will be removed from play. Think of it as being medically evacuated on the show: Once you’re out, you’re out. If you plan on being banned or pushing the rules to risk a ban, please don’t apply and screw up the fun for others.

For my sanity, I’m going to limit applications to the first 50 submitted. Application deadline is Wednesday 3/17 at 11am server time. Your application should come to me in a tubmail, filled out with the details below, and entitled “Forumwarz: Survivor Application”.

Don’t have the time, interest, or skill to actually play? For a couple of things I have planned, it would be good to have a panel of judges. If this describes you, let me know why you want to judge and what would make you a good, unbiased judge.

The application form Posted:


Current Level:

Current Secondary Attributes (Offense, Defense, Luck, etc.) in your pwning build:

Current Secondary Attributes (Offense, Defense, Luck, etc.) in your rollover build:

Current Secondary Attributes (Offense, Defense, Luck, etc.) in your buying build:

Highest Episode Completed:

When You Started Playing ForumWarz (date):

When are the best/worst time(s) for you to participate in real-time events (use server time)?

What is your normal timeframe for being on the ForumWarz site (use server time)?

Any upcoming vacations/known times off which might impact your ability to play?

What ForumWarz strengths do you bring to the game?

What are your ForumWarz weaknesses?

If you’d be better known to me by a different alt, who would that be, and can I reveal that information to everyone (this is primarily for people who want with an alt that isn’t their main)?

Are you familiar with the TV show Survivor?

Why do you want to participate in this game?

What else should I know about you that you think would help you get cast?

Thank you FRAN for the Log in to see images! MC Banhammer edited this message on 05/26/2010 5:52PM

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Have fun playing!
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