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Avatar: 11164 2010-02-17 20:44:46 -0500

[Island of Avalon]

Level 69 Camwhore

“Venereal Biohazard”

Claine Posted:

I am a huge RP-fabulous person, and I do have a couple of alts I’ve never really used, which are RP-able.

Likewise. And I have only posted in the RP forums very occasionally, for some of the reasons you mention. I’m certainly not going to claim that it would make a blind bit of difference if I did, but wnen RP-fabulous persons (old and new) aren’t bothering with the RP forums that’s a strong indication that Spacekadt has a point.

A serious issue with new people is this. Realistically, if a new poster is interested in RP, they aren’t going to be reading threads from a year ago. They’ll just look at the more recent ones. And the most prominent (as opposed to most popular or best) posters in the RP forum are spamming, repeating memes and constantly slipping out of character. And a new player is either going to decide that isn’t the kind of RP they want to do. Or they’re going to bumume it’s what we do here and imitate it. That’s compounded by the fact that Whiny ****es is at the top of the list of RP forums, despite not being a ****ing RP forum in any way, shape or form. That admin decision does make things more difficult.

“Whine about the game all you like here”.

How the **** is that about people to posting in character?

This idea might work or it might not. I think it’s worth a try, at least. To give it the highest chance of success, you need the following:

1. If you can’t have a full forum, at the least you need a subforum, with official backing. I totally understand the demands on admin time now. But without at least pbumive support from the people who run things, this is pointless.

2. It needs to be clear that, as well as it being a forum to stay in character, it’s specifically for RPing with other people. Master Troll’s point about interaction is spot on. Even if it’s entirely in character, posting spam or shock images with no attempt to make it relevant to the thread isn’t going to aid the kind of RP or character development people are looking for with this.

3. If someone breaks the fourth wall in any way at all, ban them. No warnings. No discussion.

4. Make it clear that mod decisions on that are entirely discretionary and don’t even have to follow the rest of the site rules. It’s the case that most successful forums with a large proportion of flamers and trolls make it clear that the only rule is “we’ll ban you if we want to”. Because otherwise, as we’ve seen, people just nitpick and argue semantics.

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