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nced Individ-

Avatar: 174541 2012-01-02 15:34:06 -0500

[enjoy GANG]

Level 35 Troll

If I can write this, my whole life has been wasted. I'm worthless and awful.

OrsonScottCard Posted:

I agree with the point I think LHO is making here. You can be a complete bum as part of your RP character, and that’s how it is. Alt-revealing is breaking the fourth wall of RP, though, and it’s hard to justify how that is of value to the game. The easy solution to this is to make unwanted alt-revealing a bannable offense. The rest, while stupid, is legit because there’s nothing wrong with roleplaying a stupid person.

I agree with this.

Spacekadt Posted:

95% of the people crying about how ****ty the community has become is simply a part of the problem. Ah, but you’re RP’ing trolls, right? No, you’re being bumholes. There is a way to play a troll persona without being an outright douche to everyone else that wants to RP a different clbum. Alt revealing or posting “stop trying to RP you dumb fabulous person” is a good example of what not to do.

That is what I do. I don’t know if this was directed at me. It probably wasn’t, but that is still pretty well what I do. I try not to do it to anyone who does a good job at rp’ing, but then again i haven’t seen too many of those lately, just people pretending to be npc’s from forumwarz, like literally the closest thing to rp I saw was like people pretending to be the stereotypical emo kids from like that emo forum or whatever. and like in a month maybe like 30 of them will come in and do the same **** that’s just awful quality. How the hell am I supposed to encourage that? Better yet, why would I bother?

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