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Avatar: 58489 2010-05-26 01:29:58 -0400

Level 69 Emo Kid

Lee_Harvey_Oswald is Pinky and I'm Brain

spacekadt Posted:

That’s the comment I made about a modification of other ideas. With ET back at work, dev time is so incredibly limited these days that this just isn’t a high enough priority (dev wise) to really even request a third part to flamebate (again). So instead, I’m hoping the community will accept the compromise of turning one of the existing forums into what the third part of flamebate would be.

And tbh, I don’t think the board split had anything to do with the problem. The problem is some of the people here. No one wants good roleplay anymore. And before any of you come back with “but there is no good rp” – have you let any of the new RPers get more than a post or two before telling them that they’re **** and should just go away?

The board split was pretty much the defining point of when RP turned to “spam goatse, draginz, and other **** on this side” as opposed to, you know, legitimate trolling. To post in CD means you must be completely 100% accountable, when it formerly wasn’t, I recall only GD was like that before the split, and to post in RP nowadays means to have your topic completely ****ted up or ignored.

IMO replace anon forum with the Limboard of RP without complete ****

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