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Avatar: 16186 2011-11-01 00:02:40 -0400


Level 69 Camwhore


Pre-emptive note: I wrote this last night and slept on it. Johnald did not see this post and didn’t know anything about it, nor I his. However, it’s pretty damned obvious the idea was discussed. That said, I think it deserves a serious discussion in CD.

One of the best RPers that this site has seen in recent days has called it quits. Why? Because people are so obsessed with Flamebate being ****, they’re turning it into precisely what they say they don’t want.

Arguably, emohunter was one of the best RP characters in recent days. However, he was overwhemingly met (as most clbum-based RP characters are anymore) with posts along the lines of “shut up” and “go away.”

For all that you guys cry about how ****ty flamebate has become… that there’s no good RP left on the site… have you taken a look in the mirror? Have you seen what you post lately?

95% of the people crying about how ****ty the community has become is simply a part of the problem. Ah, but you’re RP’ing trolls, right? No, you’re being bumholes. There is a way to play a troll persona without being an outright douche to everyone else that wants to RP a different clbum. Alt revealing or posting “stop trying to RP you dumb fabulous person” is a good example of what not to do.

Here’s a good idea of the difference:

NOTE: This links to the RP side of the board. It has at least one NSFW image and now that I’m linking from here, I expect more shock/NSFW to hit the thread shortly.

That said, here’s the link:

AIDS woman's genitals’s post was perfectly (disgustingly) troll appropriate RP

-XI-’s was borderline bull****

Skyman747 is not only an alt reveal (which is ****ed up enough), but it’s what most people are calling “Troll RP” these days that really just boils down to being a male reproductive organ. (sorry sky, you know I Log in to see images! you, it was just an easy post to point to)

If you skip everything up to this point, read what comes below, please.

So I propose a modification to ideas put forth by other people. “Civil RP” We’re not going to get a third section of flamebate anytime soon. So I’m hoping we can convert part of the existing RP to a “civil RP” section. Where RP is encouraged and shock/NSFW/in character trolling is allowed. Maybe this is just one board and we use GRP. Maybe we take all of the clbum boards and use those instead.

Now here’s where you all tell me why I’m wrong. Civilly, mind you – this is in CD.

spacekadt edited this message on 03/09/2010 3:48PM
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