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Avatar: 108647 Mon Jan 19 17:41:07 -0500 2009

[Rowdyruff Boys]

Level 64 Troll

“Flame Retarded”

Continuing to add more stuff. ;D

Also, saw this on Kyoubai:

Mitnick.Trial.Footage.divy (7 pieces)

* Luck +8

* Max Ego +150

* Charisma +8

* Max Processing Power +192

* Offense +8

2 questions to anybody cares: Do you think I should just add to the .moar page the names of files from that spreadsheet for which their stats haven’t been identified? And in lieu of the 100 piece Belgium file, should I be placing a zero in front of the piece numbers for all files, or at least dogreat timesent files?

Just curious, seeing as this is the first real opportunity I’ve taken to make any real contributions to Spoilerpedia because I’m still ****ed at missing out on two of the Ep3 peens, and I want to make sure they’re done right. Log in to see images! Shishu edited this message on 03/03/2010 5:12PM

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