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Avatar: 121118 Sun Jan 18 02:23:35 -0500 2009

[Honourable Order o-
f Mascots Of Corpo-

Level 27 Permanoob

From raw materials, or I'm of my shopping. It is forced I'll in order to enjoy.

Adapt Posted:

spoiler: posting in threads like this is 90% of the capacity for your ****ty alts. Seriously, do you ever see over half of these alt doing anything but posting in a “post your alts” thread? Vote for was.

((breaking off RP: That’s because fabulous persons like you like to diss people at every thing they ever do, in the attempts to look cool. People like you are what killed RP. Now go ahead and keep thinking you’re cool because HERP DERP I’M A MEAN PERSON Log in to see images!

You’re the very thing this site was used to parody.))

Go to the closest fire here, throw that you yourself. And don’t reports.

As for me being useful here it is! ^_^

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