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very special beyond belief

guest42 Posted:

We also would take offense at being called a greedy seller, if we felt it was directed at us.

Several of our items are priced below the sale price at Frugality 33 (which is the most you can get with maximum Frugality items), and the majority of the rest are priced higher to compensate for the generally low demand and lost listing prices (not many people want too many Organic Onions, for instance).

It seems that price variations will remain forever, though, and it doesn’t hurt anyone to see how much, or how little, people are making on sales.

I buy all my drugs from this guy Log in to see images! The savings on max frugality isn’t worth it and if your going to get anything good other than drugs it’s going to be in the auction not in the stores.

My frugality is at 15 and thats high enough.

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