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Avatar: 23493 2011-10-31 20:46:14 -0400

[And The Banned Pla-
yed On

Level 60 Emo Kid

The Delightfully Chaotic

aye aye aye mi papa

i was born in witchita raised by a mule and blind boy named jack

jack sold me to a traveling schiester named zimbo who came to town to swindle folks with his hair grow tonic

zimbo enslaved me as a young child to raise his hens and force them eat ducks

for sport

its called hen ducking

and you bet on who can eat a duck faster

very popular in malaysia

where i made my escape by way of trained monkeys

then on the foot of the express rail road i found my love, a puppy name bugel

he was a mix between an oxford welsh and a scottish mastidon

we tbumled many a hobo for a single bean

when it was his time to go i put ol bugel on an small ice burg in the river as spring began to thaw

i like to think he found a magical waterfall and became a pup again but i think he probably just drown

thats when i became a school marm

i was arrested for chopping fingers off of a boy named clev

he was finger banging molly mcshannohan in the back of the school yard

that was my lesson to him

he grew up to be a sailor, raped many a girls in port cities with his stubby hand, they knew him as stubby clev the rapist sailor

i met him years later, as i began to work on my first symphony

i was 12 years old then

he was still a young man in his early 40s

we greeted each other with fists

except i had 2, and him just the one

he won that fight, but i like to think i let him

my dad never came home from the store that night

my mother, a native american whore, died of cancer the next day

we began to ball room dance on the ships upper deck for spare change from the wealthy

then my wife got the fever, she had brain damage and never remembered how to give oral sex

i left her that month, but i stole all her shoes before i went

sold them to a drifter named marsh

i watched as he masturbated into them furiously

it was a noble goodbye to her feet

thats about the time when i realized i began puberty myself

my male reproductive organ was as long as an oxe

the entire beast, not just his own male reproductive organ i mean

i sold viewings for a nickle

touchings for a dime

i died a few years later in that old shack i bought with my male reproductive organ show monies

i was alone

in some ways, i still am

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